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The Swirl World Podcast

In The Swirl World, we celebrate interracial relationships between Black Women and the diverse men who love us! Join TSW Podcast Producer Adrienne London Leach aka "The Swirl Analyst" and me, Michelle Matthews-Calloway, aka "ASwirlGirl" as we engage in conversations with interesting guests from around the world.  

Come be inspired by the stunning photos of interracial couples showcased on our Facebook page and words of wisdom on Twitter.

We encourage Black women to expand their dating and marriage options by dating and marrying interracially.

Our overarching mission is to see Black women live their BEST lives - regardless of their relationship choices.

Swirl with us!

Mar 31, 2019

In this final March Madness installment, Michelle is perplexed by a “question” submitted to a dating coach. In true “Where they do that at” style, a “gentleman” sets forth his demands – and the questioner is wondering if she should comply. When you hear the demands, like Michelle, you’ll be wanting to...

Mar 20, 2019

Get ready for more March Madness as Michelle examines a Facebook post from “Tequila Tales.” Dude said he needed “$29 stacks,” and his girlfriend didn’t have it. Who did he turn to? His ex! Not only that, he felt his current girlfriend needed to “stay in her lane.” We guess he felt like they needed to show...

Mar 11, 2019

March Madness continues with Michelle examining a Facebook post made by a guy advising women to clean up a man’s dirty kitchen if she “wants to stand out.” The sheer madness of that post brings the question: Where They Do That At??

Mar 5, 2019

It’s March and “March Madness” will soon engross college basketball fans everywhere. But what happens when “madness” spills over into relationships? In this kickoff episode of her “March Madness” series, The Swirl World Co-Host Michelle Matthews-Calloway asks the question, “When did settling become a...