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The Swirl World Podcast

In The Swirl World, we celebrate interracial relationships between Black Women and the diverse men who love us! Join TSW Podcast Producer Adrienne London Leach, Rachel Robinson of 50 Days of Dating, and me, Michelle Matthews-Calloway, aka "ASwirlGirl" as we engage in conversations with interesting guests from around the world.  

Come be inspired by the stunning photos of interracial couples showcased on our Facebook page and words of wisdom on Twitter.

Want to date smarter? Then join us in our Date With Purpose Membership Community.

We encourage Black women to expand their dating and marriage options by dating and marrying interracially.

Our overarching mission is to see Black women live their BEST lives - regardless of their relationship choices.

Swirl with us!

Oct 16, 2016

Black women are known and praised for their loyalty – often to their own disadvantage. However, we LOVE IT when loyalty works for us. It works when we’re loved and adored by men who cherish and appreciate us. It worked for April French, who celebrates 24 years of marriage to her soulmate Bryan. Michelle chats with...

Oct 3, 2016

Adrienne, Rachel and Michelle are on the brink of launching the long-awaited Date With Purpose Membership Community. Here, the trio provide all the pertinent details. They also share details concerning an options for those who want to follow Season 2 of 50 Days of Dating.

Sep 4, 2016

Week 3 of 50 Days of Dating was chock full of dates! Rachel also engaged in quite a bit of soul searching on the subject of chemistry. In addition to chemistry, she discusses the friend zone, long distance dating, screening processes, jerks and why she uses a “dating phone.”  She also shares the mental cost of the...

Aug 14, 2016

Adrienne, Rachel and Michelle conduct a full Week 2 recap of 50 Days of Dating. Black women, conduct your interracial dating with a purpose, because YOU are the prize. The recaps dive a bit deeper than the videos – so tune in for all the tea on the gentlemen and the dates!

Jul 31, 2016

Adrienne and Michelle catch up with Rachel Robinson, fresh off her first week of “50 Days of Dating.” In addition to lots of laughter and shenanigans, the ladies drop knowledge concerning employing a PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL strategy for interracial online dating.